Professional and Creative Music Videos
If you are a musician / band in need of a professional, affordable music video – look no further!

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Professional Music Videos
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Professional Music Videos

UMBULI Productions fully support local artists and musicians. We put our words into action by providing a special music video production package to South African bands and musicians.

As a professional video production house we are able to do all aspects of the video production in-house. Consequently, we can produce state of the art music videos at an amazing affordable cost.

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Why a Music Video?

“Going beyond just the music as heard on the radio, videos enabled artists to convey a more comprehensive message, portray an image and create a brand for themselves. Videos became so powerful they could make or break a single or even a fledgling artist’s career.

Presently, the web has become dominant as a music video platform. This is largely due to two main-advantages that it has versus television: Accessible and Shareable.

Fans can search out their favorite artists and videos and watch them over and over again. This embeds the look and sound of the artists into the minds of the fans.

The accessibility of videos gives artists an opportunity to brand themselves or change their image, knowing it will be seen over and over again, thereby far more quickly accomplishing their marketing objective. Accessibility leads to repetition, which helps develop a strong brand.”

WHAT you need to Know

In order to produce an excellent music video, you need a to have a high quality audio recording (.aiff/.wav format) of the song you wish to use.
The creative team of UMBULI Productions is more than equipped to assist you in developing an original concept for your music video. Just remember the realistic and practical aspects of your idea – this will directly influence the cost of your video.
The specific location or locations chosen also influence the eventual costs, including travel time and expenses, location fee, etc. The choice of a studio, live or outside recording determines the number of cameras and other equipment, crew members, etc. that needs to be hired.
Extras may include costumes, hair & make-up, props/set, catering, special effects (including graphics), special lighting, actors & extras, to name a few.
Our team is highly skilled and experienced in pre- and post-production.
Fully equipped, state of the art editing suite with latest software. Our productions are all filmed in full HD (high definition) and as such it can be saved in a variety of formats.
UMBULI Productions offers high quality music video productions that caters for up-coming as well as well-established musicians and bands. We work out a quote based on your specific needs and budget.

Starting at a VERY affordable tariff for an awesome music video (full HD, broadcast quality) and then upwards, depending on added specific requirements (see info on left).
Anything is possible – contact us for a personalised quote.

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