DVD/CD Authoring

The highly specialized process of combining, formatting and mastering media correctly to disc for final replication/duplication

DVD/CD Authoring and Duplication

ONE-STOP-MEDIA-SHOP – UMBULI Productions can provide for most projects ALL the audiovisual and graphic production services from start to finish – including DVD/CD Authoring (final “encoding & master”) & duplication!
The design and functionality of your Multimedia/DVD project say as much about your presentation as its content – and both require highly specialized skills. So let the professional designers, programmers, and editors at UMBULI Productions transform your rough ideas, raw materials, and digital files into great-looking, interactive Multimedia CDs and DVDs.
We specialize in complete DVD, CD, video, and multimedia services, from the initial menu design, post production and color correction to the finished DVD and multimedia project.
encodingWhen you let us author your project, you get:

  • Maximum DVD player compatibility
  • A great-looking, easy to navigate menu
  • A one-stop, end-to-end solution for all your Multimedia/DVD needs
  • Professional video post-production services
  • The best quality and professional service

Useful Information

Authoring is the process of combining media/material such as video, graphics, sound, animation, documents, and files into a format suitable for viewing on the appropriate device. These “devices” include but are not limited to DVD players, Blu-ray players, computers, digital audio/video players such as an iPod or iPhone, and Internet browsers.
Often this process of “authoring” requires the creation of an interface, allowing the user to navigate and access the different assets or files easily and conveniently. In the case of DVD authoring, this interface consists of a DVD menu or menus with play and chapter (scene) buttons.
This interface is called a splash page for CD-ROMs and enhanced CDs (ECDs).
For more information about pricing and authoring services available, see DVD authoring, custom DVD menu design, Blu-ray authoring, CD-ROM authoring, or Enhanced CD (ECD) authoring.
Although not required by the DVD specification, most DVDs have some type of menu. This provides the user a quick and easy way to navigate the DVD and view items they want to watch.

In DVD authoring, there are two methods of DVD menu design:

  1. The first method uses templates provided in your DVD authoring software. Some of these can be fairly complex with motion and sound, but they are limited in scope and are difficult to customize to your project.
  2. A better solution would be to design a custom DVD menu specific to the look and content of your DVD project. Custom DVD Menu creation requires knowledge of graphic design, video, and DVD authoring.

The DVD menu designers and programmers at UMBULI Productions are experienced in DVD menu design and DVD programming making sure your project will look professional and function the way you want. You’ll receive a PDF proof via email so you can review it before the DVD authoring is performed.

Videotapes and digital video files are not ready “as is”, to use as masters for DVD Authoring.
Video in its native format is too large to fit on a 4.7GB DVD – an hour of uncompressed standard video can be as large as 101 GB and DV can be as large as 11GB per hour. Thus, to make video files small enough to fit on a DVD, they must be encoded or compressed.
The Codec (compression/decompression) used for DVD encoding is MPEG2 – required for Standard Definition (SD) DVDs. DVD encoding or compression can be accomplished utilizing either hardware or software based encoding.

Hardware DVD encoding is performed by a DVD encoding card installed in a computer or by a standalone DVD recorder. Software DVD encoding is performed by a computer application such as Apple Compressor™. The type and brand of DVD encoder and settings selected can greatly effect the quality of your encode. The DVD encoding team at UMBULI Productions are experienced and can help you attain the highest quality encode for your project with either software DVD encoding or hardware DVD encoding. As always, the quality of your video master will have the greatest impact on the quality of your final DVD. Whenever possible, make sure the master you send UMBULI Productions for DVD encoding is a high quality uncompressed video source.

So which method of DVD encoding does UMBULI Productions use?
That depends on the master you send us. If your videotape master is one of the acceptable formats*, hardware DVD encoding will be used.
* If your master is a QuickTime or AVI file, software DVD encoding will be used. The DVD encoding methods used by UMBULI Productions (hardware or software) yield excellent results and make no difference which DVD encoding type is used.
* If your project requires post-production editing, videotape masters will be digitized for editing and then software DVD encoding will be used.
* If you wish for hardware based DVD encoding and have supplied a digital file or your project requires post-production, then your project can be exported to tape at a rate of R2100 per hour of program and then hardware encoded.

***Masters not conforming to our acceptable formats list will encur additional conversion charges. For a list of acceptable formats and tape setup instructions, visit our

A DVD hybrid, or Enhanced DVD, is a standard DVD Video disc that also contains additional content only playable on a computer.
When the DVD is placed into a set top DVD player it plays like any other DVD, but when placed into a DVD-ROM drive, the user has access to additional content only viewable on a computer (e.g. PDFs, computer applications, etc.).
One example of a Hybrid is a DVD that includes a digital copy of a film for download to personal electronic devices. Just place the DVD into a computer, download the digital copy to your iPod or PSP®, and you’re ready to go. The great thing about Hybrid discs is practically any type of computer content can be added to your DVD (space allowing). Not only does this enrich the end users experience, but also adds value to your DVD.

There are two ways to add this content to your DVD:
Some programs allow the user to open this additional content directly from the DVD menu. For this to work, the end user will need to install an additional program to their computer, adding confusion and stress and making the overall process more difficult than it needs to be. (This method produces inconsistent results often times not working at all.)
Therefore, when we create a Hybrid disc, the ROM (Computer files) and the DVD Video are not interconnected. They function separately and are not linked via menus. Placing files on the disc, including *autorun functionality for 1 file (if supported on your computer) and/or the creation of an interface or menu from which multiple documents can be selected, add cost to your project and this extra pricing is in addition to normal DVD authoring costs.

NB: *Autorun is not supported on all platforms and results may vary. Computers must have a DVD-ROM drive to play the DVD. DVD Player software is required to view the DVD Video. If the DVD-Video is set to autorun, both the DVD player and the ROM content can be open. Closing the DVD player to view the ROM content may be required. DVD Hybrid discs will work on both a properly equipped computer and a standalone DVD player but DVD ROM content is only accessible on a computer.

Turn a target audience into a captive audience with a multimedia production designed specifically for your company.
Video on CD-ROM is one of the most effective tools to reach your current and prospective clients, and the UMBULI Team brings it all together in two efficient packages. All discs are MAC and PC compatible and run without additional software, adding versatility to your project and letting your corporate, promotional or marketing campaign speak volumes for you.
Perfect for corporate and promotional videos and ideal for your marketing campaign. Get your
message out with industry quality video:
• Up to 10 minutes of video professionally encoded to video.
• Professionally designed interactive menu screen with graphic, company logo, & photos.
• Up to three email/web links.
• Replay and exit buttons.
• Expert pre-mastering.
• Autorun/autostart – PC only.
• Mac and PC compatibility.
When it comes to large documents, ease-of-use and accessibility are imperative. What better way to distribute your manuals, conference proceedings, catalogs, brochures, reports, and more than by having them on a user friendly CD-ROM?
We can consolidate your important documents into a professional, streamlined multimedia presentation for your clients or employees.
The UMBULI Team also design and develop professional Powerpoint and/or Keynote presentations for our clients – HOW your content/message is presented will make the difference between being a professional or amateur . . . YOUR choice!
Even though your video, film and computer files may be finished, these media still may need to be formatted and mastered correctly to disc to be ready for replication and/or duplication.

What does “ready for replication” mean?
There are specific standards set for DVDs, Audio CDs, ECDs, and CD-ROMs to ensure your discs will play as expected on the appropriate devices.
For example, if you send us a videotape for DVD replication, we cannot make DVDs directly from that tape. A videotape is not in the correct format to create DVDs. Even though both a videotape and a DVD contain and play video, they are two completely different formats. There are steps called authoring required to convert that tape into a format that meets the DVD specification. Likewise, just placing some audio or files on a disc does not mean it’s ready for replication.
The mastering of those files to disc must meet the specification for it’s appropriate format. If not mastered and authored correctly, you run the risk of paying for discs that don’t perform they way you expected.
It’s very important to test your master on the devices you want your replicated discs to play on. Putting a QuickTime file on a DVD creates a disc that can be replicated, but the act of putting a file on a DVD does not make it a DVD Video. This disc can be replicated but as a DVD-ROM not DVD-Video. Your discs will only play on computers with QuickTime installed, they won’t play in DVD players. This QuickTime file needs to be converted or authored (requiring additional charges) to meet the DVD specifications. After thorough testing, if your master doesn’t work the way you intended then you need authoring.

More detail coming soon – meanwhile, just contact us directly:


DVD / CD Pro Services

DVD and/or CD mastering, authoring, duplication or reproduction for small and/or large projects.
Cost effective options for ANY artist/musician.


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UMBULI also provide full POST-PRODUCTION services for your filmed material – including, editing, colourgrading, special effects, animation, graphics, complete authoring, ect.

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Design, Development, Mastering and Authoring of Professional Multimedia audiovisual presentations (incl. Keynote, PowerPoint) – making YOU the Pro!!!


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